7 Hills Striping brings professional experience and innovative technology to you.


Traffic and weather can really take a toll on your parking lot, especially the painted surfaces. Routine striping instantly provides your business a professional appearance and conveys your diligence to customer safety.

7 Hills Striping has stayed ahead of the game by using the latest equipment that the industry has to offer. We stripe anything with unequaled precision - from your business office parking lot, to your home basketball court.

Need painted surfaces removed? Contact 7 Hills Striping and we will assess the situation with you to determine the most efficient and cost-effective method to remove those old lines. Our methods include hydro-blasting, blacking-out, and/or grinding.

Other Services

If you have any asphalt, driveway, or parking lot concerns that weren't listed above, feel free to contact us.  We may be able to help you.  All services available in Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota.