7 Hills Striping brings professional experience and innovative technology to you.


Traffic and weather can really take a toll on your parking lot, especially the painted surfaces. Routine striping instantly provides your business a professional appearance and conveys your diligence to customer safety.

7 Hills Striping has stayed ahead of the game by using the latest equipment that the industry has to offer. We stripe anything with unequaled precision - from your business office parking lot, to your home basketball court.

Need painted surfaces removed? Contact 7 Hills Striping and we will assess the situation with you to determine the most efficient and cost-effective method to remove those old lines. Our methods include hydro-blasting, blacking-out, and/or grinding.

Sign & Wheel Stops

Are you in need to add safety features to your existing parking lot? Do you need to add or replace old signs and become ADA compliant? Then let 7 Hills Striping help! We not only install signs but also rubber and concrete wheel stops. Our rubber wheel stops come in many different colors, giving you the proper appeal for your business.

Crack Filling

To preserve and protect your asphalt, it is vital to prevent moisture from entering the cracks.  The solution is crack filling as this provides a rubberized tar that completely seals your asphalt cracks. Our heated filler is melted then poured over these cracks to ensure proper closer of the cracks.

Pavement damage caused by water begins beneath the surface in most situations. A crack that is newly visible has actually been festering under your paved surface for quite a while. Where there is one crack there is likely to be more. Even while not being visible they can lead to potholes and more expensive repairs. When you first notice a crack, contact 7 Hills promptly so we can help.

Parking Ramp & Garage Cleaning

Our riding lot-cleaning units feature air filtration systems and a vacuum. These vacuums sweep up dirt and debris while keeping it from filling the air thus avoiding harmful irritations. It's virtually dust free which aids in the removal of allergens. For those hard to reach areas we have a self-propelled walk behind unit. The combination of a vacuum and sweeping technology keeps the air dust free while cleaning those hard to reach places!


Specialized Stencils

We offer asphalt and concrete stencils for various applications.  We can apply striping and designs for playground games, educational maps, basketball courts, team logos, etc. Call 7 Hills Striping with your ideas and we will make it happen!


Wisconsin weather is especially brutal on your paved surfaces. It causes premature cracks and early aging. By routinely seal coating we can slow down the aging process, saving you major damage and expensive repairs. That is why we work closely with our sealcoating partners to ensure the highest quality and standards.

Sealcoating your asphalt surface is essential to the protection and longevity as well as adding traction during the snowy winter season. An application is recommended 30 days after asphalt installation and every other year.

Infrared Patch

Infrared patching can be used to repair potholes, trip hazards, service cuts, and asphalt depressions. It creates smooth transitions between different paved areas, repairs heavily cracked areas due to water/weather damage and general automotive traffic.

Our equipment reheats the surface, then with added virgin material, creates a seamless patch to fix the deteriorated areas in paved surfaces. These joint free patches are completed in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods  and are much less expensive. Contact 7 Hills Striping with all your patching needs!


Other Services

If you have any asphalt, driveway, or parking lot concerns that weren't listed above, feel free to contact us.  We may be able to help you.  All services available in Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota.